Resources in NM


What are some basic resources to tap into when you find out you have a disability?


Social Security-SSI, SSDI- These are federal programs that can provide monthly income

Medicaid-Choice of 4 Salud programs-These are state programs that can provide health insurance- Presbyterian, Lovelace, Molina, or Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Home and Community Based Medicaid Waivers-DD Waiver, CoLts “C” Waiver, AIDS Waiver, Medically Fragile Waiver, Mi Via Self-directed Waiver-These are Medicaid comprehensive programs that can help people to live in the community without going to a more institutional-like setting such as a nursing home.

Personal Care Attendant Programs-self-directed and delegated. These programs can provide attendants to come into your home for a few hours a day depending on your budget and medical need.

Housing- HUD and Section 8 vouchers. These city and county programs can help you pay your monthly rent in  apartments and in some situations in houses.

Trusts-Special Needs Trusts-Some trusts can help protect government benefits.

Food Stamps-ISD Office-Government electronic cards can help you pay for your food monthly when you go to the grocery store.

Rehabilitation Programs that are free-Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or DVR, the Independent Living Resource Center or ILRC, and Commission for the Blind- If you are disabled and need help getting an education, working on a career, or maintaining employment these agencies may be able to help. In addition, ILRC may be able to assist with a self-directed attendant service program, advocacy with school and community, transitioning from a nursing home to the community, applying for benefits, and/or getting assistance with home or vehicle modifications.

Ticket to Work Incentives- Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or Work Force Solutions have information on getting supports if you are disabled to get back into the workforce.

Assistive Technology in New Mexico-NMTAP-505- 954-8521

Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund Program-Service Coordination, Crisis Interim Services, Life Skills Coaching-Metro-505-811-6401 ext. 1830,1831; Northeast Region 505-986-9633, 1-800-645-3163; NW Region 505-324-8660; SE Regon-505-525-1969

GAP program- Home modifications, interim services and goods-generally for people with institution level of care need for moving out of nursing homes-1-866-451-2901

Programs to help get home modifications- Independent Living Resource Center-505-266-5022

Mental Health and Behavioral Programs in NM-Optum Health-1-866-855-2881

Drug Benefit Programs- There are agencies that can provide cheaper or free medications to people in New Mexico. MEDBANK-1-800-432-2080



DRNM is seeking individuals who are interested in serving on the Mental Health Advisory Council. Click here for information and application.


The Policy & Legislative Action Network (PLAN) is a group of individuals concerned with disability-related issues in New Mexico.  Click here for more information on the PLAN.


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